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awesome effects

I think I’m now eating healthy….not for the taste….but for that emotional high I get from feeling free of physical ailments 11/3/14


homemade bath products

I love my new homemade hair conditioner…my head feels bouncy!  11/24/14

new meals

Vege pasta, pumpkin pasta sauce, fresh brussel sprouts….and wine…..of course…..super yum! 11/12/14

loss of belly fat

Wearing a pair of jeans that were too tight a month ago! Feeling great!  11/8/14


This week I’m adding nine grain bread, natural peanut butter, vegetable pasta and organic bulk granola to my ever expanding healthier diet! Below is an update of my progress so far:

1- added two whole fruits/veges daily
2- made homemade juices
3- stopped drinking soda and added lemon water instead
4- cut out sugar…using honey as a sweetener instead
5- added nine grain bread, organic granola, natural peanut butter and vegetable pasta 11/4/14

backsliding effects

Omg….I had sweet tea at panda express last night…..after not having any sugar for over two weeks…..and I got so sick immediately after drinking it….I got blasted, dizzy, nauseous, irritable and asthmatic…..no thank you…if that’s what sugar was doing to my body…..I’m never touching it again! 10/21/14

plain yogurt

Plain yogurt much better with fruit and flaxseed  10/16/14

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